Who we are

our mission is to provide cost effective, efficient and reliable transport services tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

To be the preferred Taxi Service Provider in Kenya by year 2030

About US
Absolute Cabs is operated by Absolute Adventure Safaris Ltd. The Company was incorporated in 2006 and just celebrated 10years in Feb 2016.  Starting off with just one car, the company has seen growth over the years majorly based on healthy relationships with customers, business partners, and suppliers.  Emphasis has been tonurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial, by making sure that we deeply understand the people we deal with, so that we can anticipate and meet their needs aiming at exceeding their expectations.

Why choose us- Absolute Cabs?

  • We listen
  • We communicate
  • We inform
  • We keep our promise

We pay attention to details by applying several checks on our computerized booking system to ensure on time delivery. Customer feedbacks coupled with system analysis assist us in continuous service improvements. Safety and assurance are our top priority because lives depend on it. We passionately care about the safety of our people and behave as safety leaders. We are committed to preventing accidents and ill health to our people and everyone we work with. We provide our Drivers with the training, knowledge and discipline to work safely and prevent accidents. We are focused on assuring the safety of everything that we operate and maintain.  

All our cars are equipped with GPS tracking, real-time coordination with our dispatch office and online registrations. We have an integrated booking computerized booking system that assures real time tracking of all bookings.

All our vehicles are comprehensively insured, air conditioned.

About Us

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Fax: + 254 020 4440106

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Why Absolute cabs

  • We listen

  • We communicate

  • We inform

  • We keep our promise

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